Here are a few tips for excellent web design:

Create your website with proper HTML. Errors in HTML can have an impact on displaying your information and where Google ranks your website on the internet.

Use the keywords for your website to be found in H1 tags.

Use Keywords in the title of the page. WordPress makes the post title the page title as well so if you are using WordPress or most blogging platforms, it’s not a worry. Don’t make your title tags over 54 characters.

Don’t worry about Meta Keywords. They’ve not used anymore.

Keep your Meta Description to 164 words or under when you create content. Google will use meta descriptions to create the snippet of information in the search engine listing. If there is no meta description, Google will use the content on the page.

Take time and add the keywords and descriptions that apply to your images by filling in the “ALT” tag. It helps the search engines because they can’t see a graphic.

Don’t add applications that slow your website down when loading. Your position on the search engines can be decreased if your page load is slow.

Follow good practices when adding content to your website. Make content keyword-rich, but not spammy.

Keep the user experience in mind when designing your website.

Only list your site in directories and places that are considered trusted. 

I hope these tips will assist you in building a better website. For more information on web design, web hosting, SEO and internet marketing services, you can contact us through the website or call us at 402-512-4257.